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I am a designer based in Columbia, Missouri with extensive marketing and communication experience in higher education. I thrive on finding creative ways to communicate meaningful messages through print, web, and social media channels.

My specialty areas are graphic and information design, social media content marketing, and front-end web design and content development. Download my resume for more about my past work and scroll down to view my portfolio.


Division of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Website

Designer, Developer, and Copywriter

The University of Missouri Division of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity gets a fresh design with a streamlined interface and responsive screen displays for smartphones to desktops.

As a staff member, I frequently received questions about important historical events—events that were often not published in the University's official histories. I researched and developed a visual timeline of notable firsts and other important events to help preserve and make available this information for current and future students, staff and faculty.


Anti-Cyberbullying Bulletin Board Kit

Designer and Copywriter

Many university students experience cyberbullying and often are unsure how to respond or what their rights are. I wrote and designed this bulletin board kit specifically for Mizzou residence hall staff and students.


Speak Up! Bulletin Board Kit

Designer and Copywriter

The Speak Up! bulletin board kit gives university students and staff sample scripts for how they can speak up in a way that doesn't shame the other person but still calls attention to the situation. Embedded QR codes make it easy for students to scan them with their phones and immediately be taken to our website for more information and resources.


Black History Month Promotions

Designer and Copywriter

I coordinated the marketing and promotions for Mizzou's Black History Month events from 2013-2015. This included creating the master calendar of events and handling promotions through a variety of other channels:

  • digital screen ads throughout campus
  • individual event flyers
  • table tent promotions in dining halls
  • email blasts, Twitter and Facebook campaigns
  • postings through various campus and community calendars
  • official press release through the MU News Bureau

Academic Hiring eLearning Module

Designer, Developer and Copywriter

I collaborated with a colleague to develop this web-based eLearning module for faculty search committee members. The goal was to create a module that presented best practices for equitable hiring in an engaging, readable format. Using common dilemmas in the search and selection process, I created interactive scenarios and activities to encourage learners to apply what they were learning. I was responsible for content development, design, and coding of the module in HTML/CSS with JavaScript as well as developing several of the templates and job aids.


Civility, You & Mizzou eLearning Module

Designer and Developer

The Civility, You and Mizzou eLearning module was created to support Mizzou's "Show Me Respect" civility campaign. I collaborated with a colleague who developed the copy for the module while I created the supporting graphics, interaction, and underlying HTML/CSS code. Our module is currently being used at other universities, and due to its popularity, we developed a second module specifically focusing on civility in health care settings.

I also designed the "Show Me Respect" campaign logo and website for the university-wide civility initiative.


Citizenship@Mizzou Mark


I designed these logos for Mizzou's new Citizenship@Mizzou student program. The program introduces students to Mizzou's four values and what it means to be a citizen on a diverse campus. The logo builds on the central marketing and communications unit's "tigers of all stripes" messaging.


N brand logo

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